Jason Au, PhD Student

AuComing to Hamilton from his hometown of Kanata, Ontario, Jason completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University. During this time, he was heavily involved with the MacWheelers Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation program where he continues to interact with the community clients on a daily basis (whether that be helping a BWSTT session, or just stopping by to chat!). Merging his interest in exercise physiology and the SCI population, he has recently started his PhD in cardiovascular exercise physiology with Dr. Maureen MacDonald in the Vascular Dynamics Lab at McMaster.

Joining the CHOICES team in 2012, Jason’s research focuses on vascular adaptations to exercise training in individuals with SCI. In particular, he is interested in endothelial health and the systemic blood flow response to different modes and intensities of exercise. He hopes to gain further experience in non-invasive assessments using cardiovascular ultrasound, as well as train in techniques of autonomic assessment in SCI.