2nd International Autonomic Symposium Award Winners

The 2nd International Symposium on Autonomic Dysfunctions following Spinal Cord Injury, hosted by the Krassioukov Lab, was held at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre on Tuesday 29th of November 2013. This highly successful event featured oral and poster presentations by CHOICES trainees who won awards in both categories.

Oral Presentation:

1. Dr. Chris West – Cardio-protective effects of passive hind-limb cycling in spinal cord injury.

2. Dr. Katharine Currie – Peak Exercise Heart Rates and Sympathetic Function: A Comparison between Athletes and Non-Athletes with Spinal Cord Injury

3. Dr. Michele Hubli – Assessment tools for blood pressure derangements after spinal cord injury

L-R: Dr. Michele Hubli, Dr. Fin Biering-Sorensen, Dr. Katharine Currie, Dr. Chris West, Dr. Andrei Krassioukov 

Poster Presentation:

=1. Jason Au – The relationship between central and peripheral ratings of perceived exertion to cardiorespiratory endpoints in maximal arm ergometry tests in chronic spinal cord injury

=1. Dr. Darren Gray – Transcranial electrical stimulation improves orthostatic hypotension secondary to traumatic cervical spinal cord injury: an N-of-1 trial.

=3. David Popok – Spontaneous episodes of autonomic dysreflexia and circadian oscillations in autonomic functions following spinal cord injury

=3. Dr. Derry Dance – Exploring Daily Blood Pressure Fluctuations among Individuals with Chronic SCI During Activities of Daily Living

L-R: Dr. Derry Dance, Dr. Stephen Dicarlo, Dr. Darren Gray, Jason Au, David Popok, Dr. Andrei Krassioukov